Man Loses 170 Pounds, Now Battles Against Loose Skin

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John Glaude, the administrator and owner of the inspirational YouTube channel – ObeseToBeast – has moved millions with his motivational video that went viral on Social Media.

His videos revolves on health and fitness with an amazing 329,097 subscribers in total! John Became an internet sensation after people was moved by his presence.

Looking at the man he is now, who would’ve thought that he was once morbidly obese. John Glaude, at 16, weighed over 360 pounds.

In his one of his videos, he stated, “I was 260 pounds working at a part-time job, just going nowhere fast, not really happy with my life.”

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Miami Ink, a show that he was fond of, made him decide to start doing something for himself. A guy who had lost a lot of weight was tattooed on the show.

The guy in question said, “The reason why I lost weight is because I was sick of where I was.” And apparently, it woke John up.

He has now lost half the man he was – all 170 pounds of it – but the battle against his insecurity isn’t over yet.

John Glaude is now currently battling something even greater which is his excess skin. “I’m not that comfortable unclothed,” He said.

“If I flex, right, it looks good,” Glaude specified. “But in all reality, it’s not as perfect as people would want to think.”

In the video, he showed how his excess skin wasn’t helping his anxieties, “I tuck my belly – or what used to be my belly – into my boxers.”

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However, it isn’t going to be a hindrance for his journey to success, “The main reason why I wanted to make this video, that yes, obviously this is not ideal,” he stressed.

John has a message for everyone, “You should never let loose skin or anything else stop you from going forward to your dreams.”

Finally, he ended it with a comforting line, “Loose skin and all, I’m happy with where I come from, and where I am at now.”



Man Loses 170 Pounds, Now Battles Against Loose Skin

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