Baddie Winkle An 88-Year Old Rebel

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Baddie Winkle isn’t like the average grandma that anyone can conveniently find sitting at the front porch, sipping tea. For her, rampaging wild parties haven’t stopped just yet, and an occasional light doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

 Meet 88-Year Old Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle – the baddest grandma of all time. Everyone now knows her by the name of “Baddie Winkle”.

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She has started gaining followers on Twitter at the young age of  85 with her ever popular tagline —”Stealing Your Man Since 1928″. In an interview, Baddie Winkle claimed, “I’ve always been a rebel all my life, somebody tell me I can’t do something, I’m going to show them I can.”

True to her words, she did the impossible. On her Instagram account she has a whopping 2.8 million followers  which includes popular celebrities on the list  — Miley Cyrus being one.

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People curious on what her normal regime is, she casually explained her daily routine, “I turn the TV on, make my coffee, and smoke my cup of cigarette,” Baddie Winkle stated.

Amidst her fame and fortune that anyone – regardless of age – would like to have, she has a past that still haunts her up to this date, “You’re not supposed to lose your son, he died.  And my husband died on our 35th anniversary.”

Baddie Winkle, which everyone thinks highly of, is nothing more than just an image, “I cried all the time as I couldn’t come into terms with it so I made myself over to baddie winkle.”

Helen Ruth, after all this time, is still the same person she was before, “But right down deep, I don’t think I’ve changed all that much.”

She ended the interview with a meaningful message to all of her followers, “You’re only here once in your lifetime so have fun.”




Baddie Winkle An 88-Year Old Rebel

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