The World’s Living Zombie: Rick Genest

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Rick Genest – A.K.A “Zombie Boy” of LaSalle, Quebec has surprised the world by his brilliantly planned whole body tattoo. Commonly, large pieces of tattoos these days that make sense are quite challenging to find.

If there’s any, at all.

In the research study of Pew Research Center, it showed that 76% of the respondents feels as if both tattoos and piercing reduces the chances of getting hired during a job interview.

However, this did not stop internet sensation Rick Genest from taking on a full body skeleton tattoo that brought him great wealth and fortune today.

He was contacted by Guinness world’s records, “We were invited to Milan for Guinness world’s records then they gave 2 medals one for having the most bugs, their official counts was 178 bugs,” Genest said in an interview. “And 138 bones.”


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He was featured on Lady Gaga’s music video – Born This Way.

“It was last fall, and I was doing my e-mails. And I had an interesting invitation to participate to do some modeling,” He said in an interview on 2012.

It wasn’t until after his modeling gig that led him to star in the world-famous MV, “It was the proposition of doing the Lady Gaga video, Born This Way,” he said in an exclusive interview with WatchMojo.

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In the video, Rick shared an interesting hobby that he and his friends usually do. They had several freak shows and side gig across Canada.  “We have fire breathers, geeks, block head, and brain flossing and all the funny stuff,” Rick Genest told the interviewer.

Hold on, brain flossing?

“We do this thing before, I’m sure you’ve seen it before when you put something on your nose and pull out your mouth,” He explained. “We do that with worms.”

Zombie Boy, whose appearance is known by his love for tattoos, once started small as well. In his YouTube video he stated, “I had 14 tattoos on my front before it turned into more of a skeleton suit.”



The World’s Living Zombie: Rick Genest

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