College Student Arrested For Stealing And Sniffing Hundreds Of Panties

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Former Notre Dame College undergraduate was sentenced to 10 days in prison for stealing more than 650 sets of ladies’ underwear from his schoolmates.

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David Zinram’ accused for stealing 600 panties (c) hardboilednews.com


David Zinram, 22, had been a promising photography student at the school. Prosecutors say some of his casualties were the female athletes he had taken pictures of.

Zinram was captured last March after a rush of undies burglaries had left the school confounded, with more than twelve students’ complaints that their panties and bras had been taken from laundry rooms, the Cleveland Plain Dealer announced.

Police were going to introduce CCTV cameras in the school’s laundry rooms, when a student got Zinram in the act.

When authorities investigated his room, they uncovered 656 pieces of ladies’ panties hidden inside the roof tiles, police have said.

Officers also looked into his computer and saw he had researched how to break into cars and houses, and had looked at pornography that depicted rape and a video called “Panty Sniffer Gets Caught.”

Zinram had at first been accused of robbery however has achieved an arrangement with prosecutors to concede to accepting stolen property and offense burglary.

Judge Steven Gall, notwithstanding, saw the arrangement faintly and said Zinram ought to have confronted additional time in jail.

“I have grave concerns about your behavior, what I’m going to characterize as deviant behavior,” Gall said in an interview.

Zinram’s parents said their child, who has since left the school, is profoundly humiliated and sorry for his activities. They said his conduct had been exacerbated by a response to the medication Adderall to control his a lack of ability to concentrate consistently clutter.

“I know that what I did was wrong, and I feel for the victims,” Zinram said. “Adderall is not an excuse for the situation, but it’s a little bit of an explanation that was a bigger story and I just hope that you can understand that.”



College Student Arrested For Stealing And Sniffing Hundreds Of Panties

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