The Curious Case of the Frozen Fish That Comes Back to Life!

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Cryonics, the process of preserving a body in extreme low temperatures, is said to have a bleak outcome of survival to humans, considering that hypothermia doesn’t have a favorable result either.

Over a dozen humans have been cryogenically preserved, but none have been thawed out yet to determine the outcome.

However, the survival rate after being frozen may be higher to less complex creatures like insects or fish. A video footage of a frozen fish swimming after being thawed out has gained the attention of the Internet.

frozen fish comes back to life

The men seen in the footage took the frozen fish, unmoving and stiff with its coating of thick ice, out from the refrigerator. They dropped the fish in the basin filled with water. The ice coating around the fish started to thaw out. The fish started showing signs of life when its pectoral fins started moving.

Some comments on the video posted in various sources explained that fish staying alive after being frozen is not far-fetched.

Ville Ruohonen, Lappeenranta, Finland commented, “It’s a crucian carp and in the wild they can live in small ponds that freeze to the bottom in the winter. They can survive frozen for months.”

“My parents remember a month in the early 90’s where their bond froze for weeks and the fish inside could be seen frozen in the pond. Once it thawed all of the fish just began to swim around again,” commented by someone from the UK.

“I’ve lived in places (Alaska, northern California) where this happened as well. I’m sure it happens in Minnesota and Canada with frequency,” chimed in by a netizen from the United States.

Who knows what happened to that fish after humans witnessed one of nature’s miracle?

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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The Curious Case of the Frozen Fish That Comes Back to Life!

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