5 Ridiculous Lawsuits in 2016 That Perfectly Depict First World Problems

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Lawsuits after lawsuits seem to have gotten more ridiculous as the year ends. We’ll show you how these lawsuits reek with everything first world dilemma.

It’s harder to extend help to the homeless than file lawsuits against a person or a company these days -at least, in the developed countries like the United States.

absurd ridiculous lawsuits cases in 2016

1. Sofia Vergara sued by her own embryos

If exes usually battle it out at wit’s end on divorce settlement, this one in the first week of December, a custody battle over Sofia’s embryos between Sofia herself and ex-partner Nick Loeb got Sofia’s frozen embryos as the plaintiff.

Well, the embryos don’t necessarily have to sign the court papers themselves (how would they) but it’s actually Louisiana’s ruling that considers a fertilized egg as a juridical person.

sofia vergara sued by her own embryos with ex nick loeb

He does look like he wanted those embryos to be born yeah?

Read more on this absurd lawsuit here.

2. Starbucks drinks just have too many ice

A woman named Stacy Pincus, felt cheated by few ounces of the actual Starbucks flavored fluid by the amount of ice they put in the drink.

The suit states that, “Starbucks is advertising the size of its Cold Drink cups on its menu, rather than the amount of fluid a customer will receive when they purchase a Cold Drink — and deceiving its customers in the process.”

absurd ridiculous lawsuits cases in 2016

Starbucks dismissed the accusations since according to them, customers can just ask to have the drink replaced if they have that same issue about the drink.

By August, the lawsuit was dismissed in court.

3. Hatchimals toys not hatching ruined kids’ holidays and outraged parents

A fuzzy hatchling toy that’s hidden inside a large egg is made to hatch after a tender, love and care but parents complained that they weren’t hatching at all.

hatchimal toy issues swear say fuck me

At least, the lawsuit from parents are all but a threat, at least for now.

Here are more deets and another ridiculous issue haunting the hatchimals.

4. Lip balm packaging can’t dispense all product

Angela Ebner, had issues with the packaging of Sugar Lip Treatment luxury lip balm by company Fresh, Inc. She reported in the lawsuit that the company misled consumers by packaging the balm in a heavy screw-up container that stopped dispensing when only 75 percent of the balm had been used.

But the federal appeals court has dismissed the lawsuit in March saying that users can scrape out the balm from the tube with a finger or a tool.

absurd ridiculous lawsuits cases in 2016

5. St. Ives Apricot scrub too harsh

Two women filed $5 million lawsuit against Unilever for the iconic, most popular facial scrub to date. The lawsuit counter the company’s claim that the product is “dermatologist tested” and that the rough texture of scrub caused irritation.

“As a general practice we do not comment on pending litigation. We can say that for over 30 years, consumers have loved and trusted the St. Ives brand to refresh and revitalize their skin. We are proud to be America’s top facial scrub brand and stand by our dermatologist tested formula,” provides answers to Teen Vogue’s query on the matter.

absurd ridiculous lawsuits cases in 2016

It’s not surprising to see class lawsuits filed against mundane things. Who knows, it may be absurd to us but the issues may be all too real for the plaintiffs.

Which lawsuit do you think wins the most ridiculous in our list?



5 Ridiculous Lawsuits in 2016 That Perfectly Depict First World Problems

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