10 Animals Who Will One Day Rule Earth

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The human species believes that it is at the top of the food chain. It believes that it is the most intelligent organism on earth and that no other species on the planet could ever come close — or is it?Here are 10 animals that could potentially one day give us all a run for our money.
1.) Octopus

They can open jars, play rubik’s cube, and escape their tanks to eat their neighbors.

2.) Cats

Watch this cute feline perform a ‘mission impossible’-style breakout from his cage.

3.) Chimpanzees

They can count, learn words, and perform basic tasks. Chimpanzees are definitely a strong contender for the title of Overlord.

4.) Dolphins

Aww… They’re so cute! But don’t underestimate them. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. These dolphins discovered the camera and are making faces at it. They’re very human-like, aren’t they?

5.) Crow

Birds don’t get a lot of rep when it comes to the smart animals arena but this crow is definitely making all of bird-dom proud. This crow was able to solve a problem that five-year old humans can’t do.

6.) Elephants

Elephants may be huge but they can be cute. Especially when they are checking themselves out in the mirror. This behavior is a sign of this beautiful animal’s sense of self.

7.) Squirrels

These little critters are definitely cute but they are by no means innocent. They can be cunning and even deceitful. 

8.) Dogs

Dogs are touted as man’s bestfriend. They can do a lot of things such as perform rescue operations and fetch beer for you.

9.) Cows

Cows are very emotional animals. Humans at large are blind to animal emotions but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel anything. In fact, cows even worry about the future.

10.) Bees

We all know that bees act in groups and live in hives. But what happens when something breaks their harmonious living? Well, they do a democratic dance-off battle. I know. Why aren’t human elections done like this? It’ll be a lot more fun than seeing politicians throw shade at each other.

Let us know in the comments which animal you think is the smartest!



10 Animals Who Will One Day Rule Earth

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