Do It Yourself Wood Wine Rack Perfect For Your Kitchen!!!

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Framing The Rack


We used pine for all the wood pieces. Dimensions are roughly 36″ length 32″ height. The pieces are either 1×6″, 1×4″ or 1×2″.

Each bottle shelf is 1x4x10″


Middle shelves are 1x4x16″ The wine bottles overhang slightly on the side, but that was our intention. The average wine bottle is about 12 or 13 inches.

Placing the lip on each shelf


We simply glued it onto the front of each shelf. This worked perfectly because wine bottles are all slightly different in girth (pinot noir bottles are fat, cabernet bottles are relatively slim) We needed to leave a little extra space for certain types of bottles. The strip also has a nice design, which adds to the appeal of the rack.



we used Minwax dark walnut stain. First coated with Minwax pre-stain. Very important to do this when working with pine! It will ensure that the stain is absorbed evenly.

Staining and sanding


First coat of stain was very light. We had to ultimately coat 3x to achieve the desired color.

Sanding the glue


The most annoying thing about this job was sanding down all of the excess wood glue that was in the joints. You can see several spots on this photo that the stain didn’t set into the wood. We had to re-sand the whole thing and re-stain after realizing this. Our orbital sander got a real workout during this job.

Added backsplash


After staining to the desired color, we added a thin particle board backing and glued these backsplash pieces we purchased at Lowes. Love how these turned out! Helped tie in the whole rack with the countertops in the kitchen too! We put a coat of polyurethane on after.

Hanging the glasses


There are several ways to attach a way to hang the glasses. We chose to purchase a baseboard molding strip and cut several pieces to size. We glued and screwed them into the middle shelves and voila!


lDps8ReTotal budget: $70 Total time: 12+ hours plus dry time. Don’t drink too much.



Do It Yourself Wood Wine Rack Perfect For Your Kitchen!!!

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