How Musical Scores Augment Scenes in a Film

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When we talk about movies, most of the factors that are mainly acknowledge by the common viewers are the acting, the dialogue, and the plot. Understandable, as not everyone has the time and capacity to dissect a movie and appreciate every facet that’s been put in the work.

Of course, it’s always a delight to learn about such things; to grasp – even partly – the art and idea behind those aspects. So let us hone in and isolate one of these facets: the musical score.

Perhaps one of the most iconic musical themes to ever come out of a film was made for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Just by mentioning the movie, one can almost hear that joyful and soothing melody whenever a scene is shot in The Shire. Or what about that grim and eerie piece that fills the background whenever the Ring of Power is mentioned?

All of these specific harmonies augment what a scene is trying to convey to the audience. And most of us don’t even notice it, which is exactly what the film makers want. They want us to focus at the scene at hand, but also entice our ears so that the experience is taken to a higher level.

To further understand the brilliance that is LoTR’s musical score, here is a video detailing and diving deeper into the matter.



How Musical Scores Augment Scenes in a Film

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