Dog Became Possum’s Guardian After Being Orphaned

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Dogs are the most loving creatures on earth. You can literally pair them up with any animal and they’ll get along just fine. They would even stand as parent or guardian for some critters that are abandoned by their kin.

Take for instance Poncho and Hantu’s story.

Poncho is a possum orphaned after his mother got hit with a car. With no one to take care of the little marsupial the vets took it upon themselves to nurse it back to health. And they successfully did.

However, Poncho still lacks a mother. That’s where Hantu came in, a white German Sheppard who has no puppies of her own. With her motherly instinct kicking in she became the canine guardian of the orphaned possum. They live together at the Rare Species Fund where the two remains a public inspiration for people to appreciate the beauty and miracle that wildlife brings.



Dog Became Possum’s Guardian After Being Orphaned

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