10 Peeps Who Died But Told Death, “Nah, Some Other Time…”

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Yeah, these are real. These happened. I dunno, man, but right now… the thought of being presumed dead and being in a morgue about to be cut open or placed in a sealed coffin sends a chill down my spine…


Check these out!!!


A man named Carlos Camejo died in a car crash. When doctors began cutting him open for autopsy he woke up shouting in pain.


His wife, who was on the way to the morgue to identify his body, had (instead) a reunion with his (alive) husband.


The 18th Century saw the supposed death of Margorie McCall. She died of fever and after that was quickly buried. Grave theft/robbery was pretty rampant at that time and her’s, too, wasn’t spared. The grave robbers couldn’t remove the ring on her so finger so they tried to cut it off. She woke up screaming and ran home.


 The site of her gave her husband quite a shock and he died of a heart attack. He was then buried in what was supposed to be her grave.


Erica Nigrelli, while pregnant, suffered a seizure. She died on the way to the hospital.


The baby, Elayna, was delivered via C-section. After the said operation, her heart started beating again — but was in a coma. After five days, she woke up and began walking again.


Val Thomas had been dead for 17 hours because of two heart attaches. Rigor Mortis had even set in.


Then to the surprise of her family (who just said goodbye to her), she opened her eyes and just began talking like nothing happened.

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10 Peeps Who Died But Told Death, “Nah, Some Other Time…”

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