Pop-Out Windows—For A Brighter And Breezier Urban Dwelling

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Aldana Ferrer Garcia came up with a solution to every city-dweller’s space and sun and sky dilemma. The architect/industrial designer’s project MoreSky showcases three pop-out windows that will surely be a hit, and hopefully become a standard, among urbanites.

First pop-out design: “Hopper Niche”


This window pop outs just like an accordion. One can lean on the glass much like a reclining seat, and relax with a view of the sky and the outside world.


Second pop-out: “Casement Niche”


This proves to be less terrifying than the first. The wedge window rotates outwards and one can sit on the stretched/expanded window sill.


Third pop-out design: “Awning Niche”


A reverse version of the first design—one can lean forward and enjoy the view below as opposed to the somewhat terrifying lean-back design.



 Millions of city-dwellers will surely form a beeline once these designs—are tried and tested—and come out in the market.

 All images above are by Aldana Ferrer Garcia.




Remember the controversial 1920 window baby cages?





Pop-Out Windows—For A Brighter And Breezier Urban Dwelling

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