13 .Gifs of People that Should Receive a Darwin Award

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We all know that stupidity knows no bounds. And since the inception of the internet it’s apparent that the world isn’t lacking for it. But for us with a full brain that’s good news. Entertainment for days!

Here are 13 .gifs of people that should be nominated for a Charles Darwin award.

1. That instant look of regret.

Gif 1

2. At least two of them has a slightly less chance to reproduce now.

GIf 2

3. This is some final destination shit right here.

Gif 3

4. Wait, wait, wait. Was that guy wearing thong?

Gif 4

5. That’s one way to get rid of facial hair, I guess.

Gif 5

6. Juan! Two! Threeeeeeeee!

Gif 6

7. Did I just watch someone die?

Gif 7

8. What did he even expect to happen?

Gif 8

9. There’s a far safer way to get a haircut, you know.

Gif 9

10. WOW! Just…wow.

Gif 10

11. That split second levitation before it went up the heavens.

Gif 11

12. What.the.fuck?

Gif 12

13. Did that guy successfully summoned Satan or something?

Gif 13



13 .Gifs of People that Should Receive a Darwin Award

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