The Most Epic Comeback in Street Fighter Pro-Gaming History

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This moment happened back in 20014 during the Evolution Championship Series Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

The match is between Justin Wong and Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, with Justin playing Chun LI and Daigo playing Ken.

What made this one special happened in the loser’s bracket finals during the last round of the first match.

Daigo found himself in deep waters when his Ken was down to its last pixel. In an attempt to finish the match Justin activated Chun Li’s special attack called Phoenix Wing Fan.

He did this as special attacks in the game still does chip damage even if a character blocks the incoming blows. And with Ken down to its final pixel of vitality victory seemed imminent for Wong.

But Daigo knew Justin would unleash it. So he made Ken pace back and forth, back and forth – distancing his character just enough so he could execute the counter. Then, wham! Chun Li explodes in a series of kicks – 15 of them to be exact. Seven kicks, a brief pause, seven kicks again, then a single high kick to complete the flurry.

Now it was Daigo’s turn to counter. The only option left is to Parry, a technique that blocks special moves without losing health, but requires a player to move his character forward just in time as the blow lands. It goes without saying that this technique needed tremendous timing on Daigos end.

The crowd, seeing the counter, roared in delight and amazement.

Daigo, thinking ahead, knew that the Parry isn’t enough. He needed to finish it now. So instead of blocking the 15th blow on the ground he decided to block it in mid-air. A ridiculous feat but if executed properly it would create the brief window that he needed.

Daigo managed to do it. Now he was at an advantage. Wham! Ken hit Chun Li as he was falling, and hit her again with a low kick followed by an upper-cut. Then The Beast unleashed Ken’s own super that consumed his opponent’s health down to its last pixel.

The match is over. The crowd is on their feet. The noise is deafening. And the matched went down as one of the greatest comebacks in gaming history.




The Most Epic Comeback in Street Fighter Pro-Gaming History

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