An Art Using Microbes as Paint and Agar as Canvas

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The American Society for Microbiology has recently hosted its first ASM agar Art Contest. The concept was to create a piece using microbes as the paint and agar as the canvas. Participants went above and beyond their expectation and made a stunning work of arts.

Here are the submissions:

1. This piece was crowned the winner. It’s a collaborative work between Mehmet Berkmen of New England Biolabs and artist Maria Penil. They called it Neurons.

Image 1

2. Here we have the first runner-up. Christine Marizzi and her team used several petri dishes filled with E. coli bacteria and luminous proteins to make an alluring map of Manhattan.

Image 2

3. Second runner-up went to Maria Eugenia Inda of Cold Spring Harbor Labs with her piece she called Harvest.

Image 3

4. Melanie Sullivan went with Van Gogh’s famous painting, Starry Night, and produced a beautiful result.

Image 4

5. The winner’s contest Berkmen and Penil also submitted this piece titled Cell to Cell.

Image 5

6. Lizah van de Aart took Literature/Hollywood inspiration route and used a skull-shape container for her piece, Hunger Games.

Image 7

7. Yet another submission from the competitions winner titled, Jellyfish.

Image 8

8. This one came from Joseph Sallmen, which he called Streptomyces Sky. 

Image 9

9. Dharshika Jayasuriya’s submission was inspired by the renowned microbiologist, Louis Pasteur. The piece is titled, The Violet Louis Pasteur, and depicts the French chemist in remarkable detail.

Image 10



An Art Using Microbes as Paint and Agar as Canvas

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